Do you think and feel deeply?

You might be a highly sensitive person (HSP).

20% of the population identify with being an HSPs. HSPs are known to be deeply empathetic, conscientious, and have an innate ability to notice, feel, and see things others might not.

Those deep feelings you feel? Well, they’re valid.

The Valid Feelings newsletter is a premium resource for HSPs ready to feel empowered. To manage deep emotions, you need the skills to identify, label, manage, and express them.

That’s what Valid Feelings is all about!

Check out the Valid Feelings podcast

A podcast for those who think and feel deeply.

Valid Feelings is an emotional intelligence (EI) podcast that teaches EI through micro-learning, calming music, narrative, and action-based exercises.

Learn how to identify, label, and manage emotions to transform your ability to think and feel deeply into your biggest strength.

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About the author

Shannon Callarman is a highly sensitive person coach, an emotional intelligence facilitator, and the founder of Thunder Moon Coaching. A sensitive millennial, she writes on topics related to self-awareness, empathy, burnout, chronic invalidation, vulnerability, emotional labor, perfectionism, and so much more.

"From the very first time I spoke with Shannon, I have felt seen and heard. She is a skilled empathetic professional who's provided me with the knowledge and tools to better understand how to listen to my emotions and cope with their intensity. As someone who is highly perceptive and feels emotions deeply, I am so appreciative of the time and effort she takes to teach me techniques that help me navigate through tough, everyday situations." - Alaina D.