Jan 13 • 21M

Ep 10: Breaking the People-Pleasing Cycle

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Valid Feelings is a podcast hosted by Shannon Callarman, an emotional intelligence facilitator and highly sensitive person coach. Learn how to recognize, label, and manage deep emotions. Topics include self-awareness, self-management, social connection, and relationship building.
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Do you have a need to please?

People-pleasing is caused by a combination of our thoughts, feelings, and habits. These three symptoms of people-pleasing operate together, which is why people-pleasing can become a vicious, emotional cycle.

Breaking the people-pleasing cycle can be tough. It's hard to recognize it as a problem at first. But if you find yourself feeling depleted, resentful, and angry often — your people-pleasing mindset might be to blame.

But I'm here to tell you that no matter how long you've been suffering with a people-pleasing mindset, you can rewire your brain by paying attention to your thoughts, regulating your emotions effectively and most importantly — challenging your inner belief system.

This episode walks you through what causes the people-pleasing mindset, how it holds you back at work and in your personal life, and the steps you can take to break the people-pleasing cycle.